• Sunday mornings, 9:45 am, Gather in Room 112
  • For children in PreK - 2nd grade

This class is based on the child-centered Godly Play curriculum, developed by Jerome Berryman to explore the foundational stories of the Bible. Each class period begins with a “feast”, a small snack that we share together. When we are all gathered, we share a story, illustrated with kid-friendly materials. The story is followed by work time, during which students can reflect through art or play the stories they’ve heard. Children enter the church at the Offertory so that all are together during the Eucharist.

Each class period includes a story, illustrated with kid-friendly materials. The story is followed by work time, during which students can reflect on the story they just heard or one they’ve heard before through art or play with the story materials. We end each class with a “feast”, a small snack that we share together before the children leave with their parents.

What is Godly Play?

Godly Play teaches children the art of using Christian language - parable, sacred story, silence, and liturgical action - helping them become more fully aware of the mystery of God’s presence in their lives.

When Christian language is learned by the Godly Play approach, it is learned as a means to know God and to make meaning of our lives. This approach is quite different from the traditional model in which the teacher tells the children what they need to know. Godly Play is not about things that are that simple. It is not just about learning lessons or keeping children entertained. It is about locating each lesson in the whole system of Christian language and involving the creative process to discover the depths of meaning in them. It’s about understanding how each of the stories of God’s people connects with the child’s own experience and relationship with God. Godly Play respects the innate spirituality of children and encourages curiosity and imagination in experiencing the mystery and joy of God.

The goal of Godly Play is to show how to be open to the Holy Spirit, The Creator, and the Redeemer all at once and all the time in every place. To achieve this goal is to help children become deeply rooted as Christians and yet at the same time use this powerful language and community to be open and creative.              

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  • Sunday mornings 9:45 am, Gather in Room 112
  • For 3rd – 5th graders
3rd through 5th graders are invited to join Seasons of the Spirit, using the lectionary-based curriculum to delve more deeply into the Bible and what it tells us. Each class centers around a story drawn from the lectionary. At this age there is often in-depth discussion of the concepts and meaning of the lectionary readings, including how it applies to the lives of participants. A group activity is available, including crafts, prayer and/or service projects.

What is Seasons of the Spirit?

Seasons of the Spirit supports faith communities and families in their life together by:

  • exploring meaning and mystery in the Bible
  • being grounded in thoughtful theology
  • empowering students to be transformed in Christ
  • inspiring and equipping leaders
  • nurturing the imaginative spirit
  • offering resources for all ages
  • integrating worship, learning, and serving ministries

"Seasons' vision is for an authentic Christianity lived in our culturally diverse and religiously pluralistic world; to be signs of God’s liberating, compassionate, and inclusive love, and to grow in our relationship with God. Seasons continues to nurture faith through liturgy, ritual, imagination, and to encourage Christian growth through worshipping, learning, and serving together. Our true curriculum is how we live our lives together."

~ Susan Burt, Coordinating Editor, Seasons of the Spirit