Parish Life Ministries

One of the rewards of worshiping together at St. Paul’s is being part of a welcoming faith community. Parish Life Ministries offers a path to enrich and strengthen that community spirit and to work toward ensuring friendly, fun events throughout the year.

The committee’s charge is to:

  • Enhance communications of events at St. Paul’s;
  • Engage St. Paul parishioners as ambassadors newcomers; 
  • Enrich member’s experience through worship and fun events that promote and strengthen St. Paul’s community.

Watch for upcoming events on this website, quarterly in The Word and weekly in the church Bulletin and E-Board. New ideas and members are always welcome. Parish Life meets at St. Paul’s Church the first Wednesday of the month at 11:30 am. If you wish to join the Parish Life Ministries, or if you have suggestions for events, please contact Toni Phipps at 503-910-4079.

Upcoming Events

St. Patrick's Dinner Save the Date: We will get a head start on celebrating all things Irish during Wednesday Night Live on March 15 with cuisine, history and treasure: Marq Swafford, Dawn Manke, and Steve Emry will prepare a traditional Irish dinner, Father Zac will deliver a Celtic presentation, and there'll be a drawing for a rich "pot of gold." The 6:15 pm dinner will follow 5:30 pm worship in the chapel. Cost for the dinner will be $3 per person or $10 for a family. You won't have to be Irish to enjoy this tribute to the fifth-century missionary and Irish patron saint.