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Is this your first time to log-in? 
If you have submitted your primary e-mail address to the Church Office, you should be able to login with that e-mail address to receive a user ID and password.

Members can Create a Login
Members create a User ID and password by clicking on the Member button to the right and clicking the button next to: “need a login?."  Type in your e-mail address.

You will get a password by email (you can change the password anytime).  

That is all you have to do! You can login anytime to check your giving, and look at your statements. 

Note: If you are having trouble logging in as a member, please log in as a guest and contact our
office at 503-362-3661 or email us at

Guests can Give Online too
Select the “community guest” login at the right side of this page.
(Please note: if you login as a Guest, contributions will not show up on your member account.)

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